Ready for the Storm

Welp, looks like Tropical Storm Isaac is headed west. Could be a hurricane by the time it gets near.  Pilot, Pie, Explorer, the pups, and I have evacuated twice, due to hurricanes. In 2005 it was Hurricane Rita, just weeks after Katrina. I honestly believed Pilot and I would die in that storm. We were stuck in the horde of traffic, on the evacuation route, for 40 hours. 40 hours. Fortunately, we arrived to the safety of a dear friend’s home, just before the hurricane passed over us.

In 2008, our evacuation was compliments of Hurricane Ike. There is nothing more comforting than watching CNN from a hotel room, and hearing the anchor say something like, “We are in one of the neighborhoods that received the worst damage…”. You recognize your neighbors front yard, then see the camera pan past your home. It’s still standing! Limbs are down, but the trees in the front didn’t go through the roof.

Yea, God!

So now, we prepare for Isaac. Just in case it veers further west than the current models show. Not likely, but possible.

We’ll go to the store and stock up on essentials. Buy extra bottled water, more batteries. Put gas in the cars…

Going through the preparation drill reminded me of Dougie MacLean’s song, Ready for the Storm, which Rich Mullins recorded.

Storms in our lives can be major sources of fear and dread. We know what can happen. We’ve experienced their impact.  Their destruction. Their pain.

Storms of nature. Storms of life. We need to be prepared. When we find little to hold onto, we know we can hold onto the hand of the one who loves us. Once we do, we realize we needn’t be frightened.

We’re ready for the storm. 

I wish you well.


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