Powered by the Son

I needed a new watch. I wanted one that you wound, but couldn’t find one like that. I didn’t want one that ran on a battery. Tired of having to replace them.

So, I bought a new watch. No batteries. No winding mechanism. No kinetic motion. This watch runs on solar power.

When I purchased the watch, the clerk told me it might slow down a bit if I left it in my jewelry box. If that should happen, all I needed to do was put the watch in the sunlight to charge it back up.

I don’t put my watch away, but here’s the thing…I wear my watch with the face on the inside of my wrist, toward my body. Pretty much always have.

I find wearing my watch the way I do, helpful when I want to check the time, and be inconspicuous about it. Like when someone is droning on about something, and you know it has to be time to leave, or some such. A quick glance to my up-turned wrist, which is sitting in my lap, and I can tell what time it is.

So, I have this new solar-powered watch, and I experiment with it. I lay it out in the sunlight for several minutes. When I put it on – besides the fact the metal was burning hot – the iridescent hands and dots lit up in the dark, which it had not done previously.

That got me to thinking…my watch was like me. It did a good job keeping time, but it lacked something that it received when it was exposed to the sun. The hands of my life may be running around the dial, but until I am exposed to the SON of God, I don’t have what I need to shine in the dark places.

I will lose power, and slow down, when I don’t spend time in the presence of Jesus.

That could mean spending time in prayer, worship, fellowship with others, study, or simply being awed by God’s magnificent creation, and his love for us. Doesn’t matter. I must spend time exposed to the son, recharging and renewing my soul-er cells.

How about you? I’d love to hear how you recharge.



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