Fill ‘er up.

Usually, I fill the gas tank on the mower before I start to cut the grass. Usually. After all, that is what my dad taught me to do all those years ago.

Well, today I looked into the tank, figured there was enough gas to get the yard mowed, and started up the mower.

I was wrong.

There was no problem cutting the backyard. The mower was powered up, and ran just fine.

By the time I was about one third of the way through the front yard, however, I began to notice a change in the mower. The engine wasn’t rumbling as loud. The mower wasn’t self-propelling as fast. In fact, it was acting more like a push mower. The machine was about to quit on me.

I re-checked the gas tank. As I suspected, it was running low on fuel.  While I filled the gas tank, several things dawned on me.

If I do not re-fuel each and every morning, by spending time with God in prayer, and meditating on his word, I run out of spiritual umph before the day’s end.

I might start out clicking on all cylinders, but before long, I lose power. I slow down. I can’t finish the job in front of me.

Powered and fueled from my time with God, is the way I have to start each day. I cannot depend on the leftover fuel I put in last week to give me the energy I need to complete the  tasks for today. I have got to have a daily re-filling. In Christ Alone.

What about you?  I’d love to hear your thoughts on the subject.

I wish you well.



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