Sense of Direction

The summer before Pie, our son, went into 9th grade he and I took a trip to Australia and New Zealand with stops in Hawaii and Fiji.

I had always wanted to explore Down Under. I particularly wanted to see if the sinks really do drain counter-clockwise. They do! I tried, but failed, to get a picture of it, but this YouTube video proves it.

The scenery was beautiful and varied. The people were friendly and really do call you “Mate”. The wildlife was amazing and oh so unique.

When I’m north of the equator, I usually have no problem with direction, knowing where I am, and which way to head. Not so, south of the equator. My sense of direction was totally scrambled.

Every time the hotel elevator doors opened, I’d head off in the wrong direction. At first, Pie said something like, “You’re going the wrong way.” I’d correct course, and we’d end up where we needed to be.

Eventually, as my lack of direction became more evident with no hope for improving, Pie anticipated my waywardness, grabbed, and pulled. No need for discussion.

Near the end of the trip I let Pie lead. Especially after I spent about half an hour wandering through our hotel on Mt. Cook in New Zealand, trying to locate our room on my own.

This lack of sense of direction isn’t confined to adventures south of the equator. It applies to life.

How is my spiritual compass doing? Do I navigate without any problem when I’m in familiar surroundings, but lose my way when faced with the unknown?

When faced with the unknown, do I stay on my errant path, or rely on the true guide, Jesus, to grab, and pull me the right direction?

Am I a not-so-bight sheep, who is lost without a shepherd?


How many times do I have to wander aimlessly on my own before I simply stop when the elevator door opens and let Jesus lead?

Am I the only one like this? Maybe, but I don’t think so.

I wish you well.


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