Hurricane Sandy

When Hurricane Sandy first developed in the Caribbean, Sissy, RN – one of my nieces – and I swapped e-mails back and forth. We wrote things like, “We know all about Sandy, don’t we?” “A force to be reckoned with.” “Trouble.” “She let us know who was in charge.” Etc. Etc. This banter was good-natured kidding. To my knowledge, this is the first time a hurricane has been named, “Sandy”.

Pie said, if it turns out to be as destructive as predicted, it may be the last time. He also said it may be the first hurricane to allow people to snow ski and surf at the same time.

All kidding aside, this behemoth storm is nothing to kid about. I know. I’ve been through rough storms before.

The headlines have screamed:

  • Frankenstorm
  •  One of the largest storms to ever hit the United States
  • Expected to wipe out power to millions
  • Will affect 1/3 of the country with sheets of rain, high winds, and heavy snow
  • Threatens nearly 50 million people
  • Will trigger inland flooding, as the hurricane merges with a winter storm system that will worsen it, and hold it in place for days
  • The tremendous size of Sandy, more than 1,000 miles across, adds to the pummeling power when it comes ashore
  • History making

This thing is a monster.

This leaves me to think about the impact this Sandy has on people.

Do I churn up the waters in my relationships with discontent, jealousy, envy? Do my Cat 1 gusts knock people around with unkind words, criticism, negativity? Do I pelt people with the storm surge of my anger, frustration, pride? Is there a trail of destructive debris left for others to clean up, in my wake?

Hurricane Sandy would not be so menacing if it weren’t for the fact she is joining forces with an early winter storm coming from the West, and a blast of arctic air coming from the North.

Are there relationships, or situations in our lives, we would be better to avoid, instead of joining up with? Are there toxic people we would be better off staying away from, because of the reaction they cause? Are there people who we follow into things we shouldn’t be doing, that on our own, we would never even consider?

What about when we’re on the receiving end of the bluster of someone else’s hurricane? What should we do, then?

ABC News Chief Health and Medical Editor, Dr. Richard Besser, gives three tips to ride out hurricanes. Could there be other applications for these tips? I think so.

  • Throw away perishable food in fridge if power has been off for 4 hours or more – If we have disconnected ourselves from our true Power Source, Jesus Christ, then whatever is sitting around, growing stale and moldy, probably needs to be tossed.
  • Never use a generator indoors, or in your garage – If we use an alternate Power Source, it should be used with caution, and not allowed into our homes.
  • Come together to make sure everyone makes it through the storm – This is my favorite. We need to reach out to others around us with the love of Christ, especially when they encounter storms in their lives. We need to help save the lives of those who are most vulnerable.

My thoughts and prayers continue to be with all of those who are in the path of Hurricane Sandy. May God keep you safe.

I wish you well.



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