What Nature Is Teaching Me

Our oak trees have produced, and dropped, an extraordinary amount of acorns this fall. These things are everywhere you step.

Bear loves to eat them. Not sure if that’s a good thing, or not.

Experts have suggested the reason for the bumper crop of acorns, is due to the drought we experienced this past year. They say the trees may be dying, and producing more acorns to continue the species. Ahhh.

Also, one of our oaks in the front yard, dropped several LARGE limbs over the year. Although these massive limbs were as long as 2/3 of our driveway, fortunately, they missed the house each time one fell.

We’ve been told one reason for the shed limbs, could be the tree is trying to survive. It is systematically dropping extra baggage to preserve its core.

So…I’m thinking…as adults, do we produce words of wisdom, nuggets of God’s truths, direction for those who come behind us in abundance, like the oak trees do, to guarantee the future of the next generation?

In times of spiritual drought, do we let go of the unnecessary baggage that could hinder our core?

Mark 9:42-48, in the New Testament, tells us if our hand, foot, or even our eye, causes us to sin, it would serve us well to cut it off, or pluck it out. Sort of like what our oak tree did.  That tree was willing to shed limbs, to save the life of the tree.

Isn’t it amazing the lessons we can learn from nature?

This leads to the question, is there anything I might need to drop, cut off, get rid of, in order to save my core being?

I wish you well.



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