Turkish Delight

In 1980, 2nd Chapter of Acts recorded a wonderful “Musical Journey into the Wonder of C.S. Lewis’ Narnia”, The Roar of Love, available at their store.

When I taught 4th grade students in Florida, one of the novels we read was, The Lion the Witch, and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis. During our unit on the book, I brought in The Roar of Love. My kids adored it! Especially the funky, Turkish Delight.

This morning I listened to the CD for the first time, in too long a time. When Turkish Delight rolled around, I was reminded of how Edmond traded his soul to the White Witch, that most beautiful lady, for a box of candy. Turkish Delight.

As those of you who have either read the book, or seen the movie know, Aslan, the lion, willingly trades his life for that of Edmond. At the hands of the White Witch, Aslan is sacrificed in Edmond’s place. BUT. The witch did not know the power of Aslan. She did not know he would be resurrected, and would defeat her in battle.

So, I’m dancing around the room to Turkish Delight, and I stop. I’m not so different from Edmond. I’ve sinned. I’ve traded what I know is right, for what I know is wrong. Maybe I haven’t been tricked by a box of candy, but I have allowed myself to be tricked by the father of all lies, Satan.

Fortunately, just like Edmond had Aslan, who was willing to trade places with Edmond, and take the penalty of death that was due Edmond, we have Jesus Christ, the Messiah. Our Savior, and King. Jesus took the punishment that we deserved. Jesus paid with his life, so we wouldn’t have to. Amazing Love.

Someone has put the entire CD of The Roar of Love on YouTube. If you want to just listen to Turkish Delight, fast forward to around 8 minutes.

Since there are sooo many wonderful Christmas songs, and this is the season, as Lucy in A Charlie Brown Christmas says, for Ho-Ho-Ho. Mistletoe. And pret-ty girls. (She forgot to mention the Savior’s birth, didn’t she?) I have decided to add one of my favorite Christmas songs to each post this month.

Hands down, this is the first song I remember hearing, and loving. Here is Nat King Cole singing, The Christmas Song.

What is the first Christmas song you remember hearing?

I wish you well.



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