The Past Three Days

Okay, here’s the short version…over the past three days, I was stalked, bed-ridden, and witnessed a murder. But, I’m fine, now.

(Sissy, before you get on the phone, and call me, read the entire post. I’m okay. Really.)

For those curious as to the details, read on.

December 31st, Pilot and I went to one of my favorite resale shops. A thirty minute drive away, which I have visited many a day by myself.

All was going well. I was happily flipping clothes hangers with record speed, and placing items in my cart, when I noticed a rather down-and-out looking man across the aisle. Watching me.

By now, Pilot had wandered off, and was who-knew-where. As he says, all who wander, are not lost.

At first, I felt empathy toward someone who I presumed, might be homeless. I said a quick prayer for him, and wondered what, if anything else, I should do. I turned to look at the clothes on the rack behind me, and realized the man had edged closer.

Getting that tingly Spidey-sense thing going, I headed for a different aisle. The man followed. I tried not to be paranoid, or stupid, and searched around for Pilot. As I moved from aisle to aisle, Stalker followed. Random chance? Hardly. What did he need with women’s dresses?

I worked my way to the back of the store, and hid behind the shoe rack. I pulled out my cell phone.

The same cell phone that had a dead battery when I left the house. The same cell phone that I charged on the way to the store. The same cell phone that maybe, had enough charge in it for one call.

Only, Pilot didn’t answer his phone.


“I’m being stalked! Meet me in the shoes. Now!”

While I hid and waited, Stalker came up on my left, Pilot on my right.

After my Knight in Shining Armour arrived, Stalker followed us at a distance for a short time. I kept an eye out, and saw him leave the store. Empty-handed.

So what did I learn from that encounter?

Even if you have been some place before, without any problem, keep your eyes open. Have a back-up plan. Know your surroundings. Pay attention to your fight or flight instincts. Don’t be stupid. Keep your cell phone charged, for goodness sake.

Most importantly, thank God for his protection.

So that was the stalking incident.

Day two. January 1st, I was unable to fully participate in Pilot, Pie, Explorer, and my New Year’s marathon tradition of watching DVDs, and eating, non-stop. I had a 24-hour bug and stayed in bed part of the time.

Yesterday, January 2nd, brings us to the murder. Despite all my efforts to stop him, Bear flushed a wren with a broken wing out of the bracken, captured, and swallowed it live. I know…

Can’t wait to see what today brings!

Amid all the craziness, one thing is certain, God is still on his throne, as Steven Curtis Chapman so aptly sings in King of the Jungle.

I wish you well.



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  1. Welp, only you can end one year and begin another in such a unique way. Yup, I panicked until I read your instruction. Happy New Year kiddo . . . and hopefully you have already experienced all the bad stuff !!


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