Ever Been Envious?

As I was thinking about the comparisons I often make between other people and myself, instead of holding God’s truth as my standard of measurement, I received my June Prayer

and Praise Newsletter from author, Patricia Raybon. I met Patricia several years ago, when she was a presenter at the Colorado Christian Writers Conference. After reading my friend’s newsletter, I contacted Patricia. While we discussed the issue of envy, Patricia reminded me of something I would like to share with any of you who may be envious of others, or who compare yourself to someone else. Patricia said, Each person is unique. God has planted different things in each of us.

Patricia gave me permission to share the words from her newsletter with you. I would encourage you to go to Patricia’s website and sign up for her newsletters.

Do you compare yourself to others? Or even sometimes feel envy? It’s not just a modern problem. This rap version of Psalm 73 captures the feeling as if it were written today. “For I envied the proud when I saw them prosper.”  It’s a striking lament about life’s unfairness and the bitter feelings that can result. In the end, however, the psalmist finds the solution: “Whom have I in heaven but you?” he declares to God.  “I desire you more than anything on earth.”

Just as no two snowflakes are alike, no two people are alike. God knit each of us together in our mother’s womb to be individuals. We are woven and spun according to His master plan. The Creator God put in us what He wanted to put in. And left out what He wanted to leave out. A Righteous Almighty God allows the rain to fall on the just, and the unjust.

Instead of wishing we were something we are not, or could do something we cannot, let’s be content. Let’s celebrate our uniqueness. Let’s be grateful for what we do have, and grateful for what we can do.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the subject.

I wish you well.



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4 thoughts on “Ever Been Envious?

  1. I LOVE it when God reaches out to me right where I am at. I am dealing with this very feeling right now towards another for “things” they have and “situations” they are in. And this was a nice reminder that I have all that I need and frankly could ever possibly want in my Lord Jesus Christ. And the promise of eternity in heaven next to Him is so much more rewarding than what I “think” I am missing. Thanks for the post!


  2. Well put, Sandy….. your msg “spoke” to me today…. I remind myself regularly to be grateful for what we have and not be envious of others. I am certainly guilty of “wishful thinking”, esp. in light of Ron’s memory and health issues.


    • Oh, Marsha, please know you and Ron continue to be in my prayers. I love the way Patricia put it. Each person is unique. God has planted different things in each of us. Different things. Different situations. Same awesome, powerful God.


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