Opportunity to Trust God

I just received word an article I wrote for Today’s Christian Woman, “Letting Go”, went live July 10, 2013 on TodaysChristianWoman.com’s ParentConnect site.

This post talks about opportunities God gives us to trust him. “Letting Go” tells of an opportunity God gave me to trust him, over 30 years ago. Today’s Christian Woman has asked me to spread the word about the article, so that’s what I’m doing. 😉

Last week I sat in my family practitioner’s office, where she told me I should have come in to see her a week earlier. Although I am fond of my doctor, I do not like going to her office. I’d been dealing with this particular health concern for over two weeks before I finally made the appointment to see her. I think — hope — the medicine she gave me is working.

If not…off to a specialist. Here again, I like this physician. Just don’t like going to his office. Especially in light of the last procedure he performed. Think needles. And a lot of pain.

As I thought about this current problem, I remembered all the many, many, many things God has gotten me through. Opportunities to trust God, as one dear, sweet friend calls them. I realize this present situation is minor in comparison.

I also think about people I know, and the difficult opportunities to trust God they are currently facing.

Dialysis, or kidney transplant? Place loved one in a nursing home, or take care of him at home? Surgery, or chemo? Confront with God’s truth, or allow child to go down the wrong path? Stay, or go? Stand up against the bully, or continue to be bullied? Tell the kids you can’t afford it, or go deeper in debt? Is this the one, or do I wait for another? Speak the truth in love, or let it slide? Step out in faith, or not?

Tough decisions. Tough situations. Tough circumstances. Tougher God.

Perhaps you are in one of those opportunities to trust God situations right now. If you are, please know I’m praying for everyone who reads this, that you will find peace in your circumstance, continue to trust God knowing He is faithful, and have wisdom to know what to do next.

So what do you do? Where do you turn? Who do you lean on?

How about going to Jesus?

Our Lord and our God, you are my mighty rock, my fortress, my protector. You are the rock where I am safe. You are my shield, my powerful weapon, and my place of shelter. You rescue me and keep me from being hurt. 2 Samuel 22:2-3 Contemporary English Version

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the subject.

I wish you well.



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4 thoughts on “Opportunity to Trust God

  1. Thanks Sandy! Needed a reminder. I find myself in a situation like this – needing to trust God with my oldest son. When I see he’s made some small improvement, I think of the word(s): grace-drop. 🙂 But I am the type of woman that will make a decision in an instant. Who will write a list for the day and practically break my neck getting it all done. Waiting is not my thing so to speak. But He has made it clear that my son belongs to Him. And there is only one thing left to do with that. Trust the Almighty Creator that love me and my son so very much with our very lives. Trust Him. Not our desires. Thanks! I will pray for you.


    • Tiffany, realizing our children belong to God, and not us, is a major step in trust, and not an easy step. I know from experience. Hard to put aside our agenda, and wait on God. Keep looking for those grace-drops God sends your way! Thanks for the prayers. Praying for you, as well.


  2. Sandy, I really welcome this concept of thinking of our turmoil/troubles/concerns as “Opportunities” to Trust God! That adds such a new (and improved!) dimension to our struggles and worries.


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