Stay Close to God

Boy, has it been hot here in my neck of the woods. Real hot. Stifling, 90-100 degree hot, with a heat index of 124 and higher. Yep. Hot.

While exercising on the stationary bike the other day, a thought came to me. Nothing profound, mind you. No new law of physics revelation, or anything like that. Just something I paid closer attention to than I normally would.

Because the garage where I was exercising was broiling, I pointed a small, oscillating fan my direction. The closer I moved the fan, the more benefit I received

from it. Although the fan’s speed never changed, the further away from the fan, the less power I felt.

Also, whenever one of the dogs walked between the fan and me, the breeze was blocked.

Obvious, no?

But here’s what I realized. There are times when I feel closer to God than other times. I imagine the same holds true for you as well. And like with the fan, I benefit most from staying close. God’s power is just as strong when I move away from him. He doesn’t change. But I’m the one who loses out when I distance myself. I am unable to benefit fully from his power and strength like I do when I draw nearer.

When I allow anything to come between God and me, even if it is a good thing, again, I lose out. I’ve put something in the way, and I can’t feel God’s breeze blowing as strong.

God is immutable. Unchangeable. If we feel less of his strength and power, could be we need to move closer to him. Maybe we’ve allowed something to stand between us that needs to be removed.

As we travel this road together, my friend, I pray you feel the full force of God’s love, peace, joy, goodness, strength, power…blowing your way. If not, is there something standing between you and God that needs to be removed? Even if it’s a good thing. Have you distanced yourself from his power? If so, scootch yourself closer.

Come close to God and He will come close to you. Wash your hands, you sinners. Clean up your hearts, you who want to follow the sinful ways of the world and God at the same time. James 4:8 (New Life Version)

I wish you well.



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4 thoughts on “Stay Close to God

  1. Thanks for the reminder Sandy! A relationship with the Lord is such a pulling back and forth. Him, always there, always pulling me back to Him when I allow meaningless and even meaningful distractions get in the way of Him.


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