Sunday Scriptures — Go and Tell

When they (shepherds) had seen him, (Jesus) they told what the angels had said about this child. Everyone was amazed at what the shepherds said to them. Luke 2:17-18

The angels told the shepherds the promised Messiah had been born. They told where to find the child and his parents. They gave specific instructions, as to how the shepherds would know it was really the Christ Child when they found Jesus.

The shepherds left their flocks immediately, and went to find the child of the prophesy. They didn’t lollygag. They didn’t put it off until a more convenient time. Nope. They got up and went.

The shepherds went. They found. They worshiped. They shared.

The shepherds didn’t keep the Good News to themselves. When they had seen the baby, they told everyone what the angels had said about the child.

God didn’t send his angels to the learned people of the day. He sent his angels to the humble, hard-working, sheep-odored shepherds. He entrusted them with spreading the news of the miraculous event that had just taken place. And God wasn’t disappointed. The shepherds did as they were asked.

What about us?

I wish you well.


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