Sunday Scripture — Hemmed In

Last year, (seems funny to say that!) I mentioned an organization, National WWII Museum, that sends handmade knitted, or crocheted scarves to American Veterans, which Sissy and I both donate scarves to. This year, 😉 I’d like to mention another organization that sends handmade knitted, or crocheted sweaters – these are SUPER simple – baby blankets, and newborn caps to children all over the world, through World Vision. If you knit, or crochet, please consider creating an item or two, for a child who would greatly benefit from your labor of love. Thanks!


Hemmed in. Surrounded. No way out. Visions of an army under siege. Seems kinda frightening. But it doesn’t have to.

Shift your perspective. Think of hemmed in, another way.

Secure. Safe. Protected.

That’s what we get with Jesus. Security. Safety. Protection.

He goes before us, and prepares the way. He goes behind us, and protects us from sneak attacks. He covers us with his loving hand. He shields us from harm. Nothing reaches us that doesn’t pass through his hands first. It is either permitted, or planned.

Feeling hemmed in by the world’s problems? Nestle into the comfort of the One who cares and protects.

You are all around me—in front and in back—and have put your hand on me. Psalm 139:5 NCV

I wish you well.


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