Someone To Walk Us Home

Last year, (seems funny to say that!) I mentioned an organization, National WWII Museum, that sends handmade knitted, or crocheted scarves to American Veterans, which Sissy and I both donate scarves to. This year, 😉 I’d like to mention another organization that sends handmade knitted, or crocheted sweaters – these are SUPER simple – baby blankets, and newborn caps to children all over the world, through World Vision. If you knit, or crochet, please consider creating an item or two, for a child who would greatly benefit from your labor of love. Thanks!

In sixth grade, I had a friend who walked me home from elementary school. Billy and I were in the same class, and when school dismissed, he inevitably found his way headed out the door at the same time I did. Since we both lived in the same direction from school, I never thought much about it. I did think it a little strange when he’d ask to carry my books, though. Why ever would he want to do that?When we reached my house, Billy walked me to my door, and said he’d see me the next morning. He pretty much always was on the sidewalk, waiting, when I came outside the next day.Now, to my preteen brain, it never dawned on me Billy walked me home, and carried my books because he cared for me.


That is, until one day Billy wasn’t waiting for me when I walked to school. He wasn’t in class, and he obviously wasn’t going to walk me home.

But, Billy sent a substitute. A representative. A stand-in. His little brother, Charlie.When I walked out of my classroom, there stood Charlie. He told me Billy was sick. Billy had told Charlie to walk me home for him. I tried to assure Charlie I could manage by myself, but he said he’d get in trouble with Billy if he didn’t walk me home. When Charlie asked to carry my books, I reluctantly handed him one.

So, what in the world has this got to do with anything, you might ask. Well, let me tell you.Jesus walked on this earth with his disciples for three years. Back and forth. Back and forth. Jesus talked with them each day. Still, I’m not so sure the disciples fully grasped how deep, how wide, and how high Jesus’ love was for them.

Then, one day Jesus was gone. The disciples were on their own. But Jesus didn’t leave it that way. Nope. Jesus wasn’t about to leave his friends alone like orphans. Jesus sent his Holy Spirit to walk with those he cared about. To help carry their load.When the world crashes down upon us, and we feel all alone, we need to remember, God is with us. We aren’t walking home alone. Jesus sent his Holy Spirit to walk beside us, and help carry our load.

Feeling overwhelmed? Reach out to Jesus. He’ll send his Holy Spirit in His place.

I will ask the Father to send you another Helper, the Spirit of truth, who will remain constantly with you. John 14:16 (Voice)

I wish you well.`


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