The View From My Walker

This broken-hip business has its challenges. That’s for sure. Having never broken a hip before, I didn’t know what to expect. Having never relied on a walker before, has been an adjustment in itself.

Some random things I’ve observed so far, is the fact the world I live in is definitely not designed for people with physical needs that deviate from the perceived norm. Take for instance the doorways in our 1969-built home. Some are not wide enough to allow a walker to pass through without turning the thing this way and that.

I’ve never needed to use a handicapped stall in a public restroom before, and I know there are times when able-bodied individuals use them. I understand there are exceptions to everything, however, after being on this side of the stall, I plead with you, don’t use it if you don’t need to. You never know when a person will come into the restroom who has no choice, but to use that stall you’re occupying.

And…why are handicapped stalls placed at the far end of the restroom, anyway?

Doors are heavy, and trying to open one when you don’t have use of both hands can be daunting, if not impossible. I’m thinking all doors should have automatic handicapped buttons to open them. The common courtesy gesture of holding a door open for others, is also welcomed.

Some people in the public are sympathetic, and offer assistance. They are to be applauded. Others speed past, as if being on a walker is something they’re afraid they might catch.

Don’t be that person.

I’ve always admired people who adjusted to their limitations, and didn’t allow those limitations to hold them back. While I’m learning to be creative in managing my way through this set-back, I am daily reminded our strength comes from Jesus, and him alone. We can do nothing on our own.

Jesus is the Lifter of our Head when things just aren’t going well. (Like Pilot coming down with the flu mere days after we arrived home.) He’s the Great Physician who heals our bodies in His perfect timing. (Allowing Pilot’s virus to be short-lived.) He is the Master Planner who prompted our neighbor to make extra beef and vegetable soup for us. (While Pilot was too sick to cook, and I was unable to.) Thanks, Marsha!

Family and friends who come along side us, and help carry our burden, whatever that burden may be, are true blessings. Don’t you agree? I am sooo grateful for each of them, but there is nobody greater than our Lord Jesus. He is our ultimate help.

I lift up my eyes to the mountains—
where does my help come from?
My help comes from the Lord,
the Maker of heaven and earth. Psalm 121:1-2

I wish you well.


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