Sometimes, It Takes a Donkey

When I first read the story of the Prophet Balaam and his talking donkey, (Numbers 22:21-35) I was in elementary school. The story made me giggle. This was around the same time Mister Ed, the talking horse, was on television. If you ever saw the show you remember Mister Ed was a whole lot smarter than his owner, Wilbur.

It was also when, as the youngest member of my family, no one took what I said seriously. Or at least, that’s the way it felt. Not sure that’s changed too much. 😉

Anyway, in the story of Balaam’s talking donkey she sees danger in front of them, and tries to avert it. (Although the Bible doesn’t give the donkey a name, I’ve named her Princess.)

God opened Princess’ eyes to something he had closed Balaam’s eyes to. An avenging angel, sword in hand, stood in front of Balaam and Princess, determined to stop Balaam from the journey he had planned.

Every time Princess swerved to get away from the angel, Balaam beat or kicked her. Then the most wonderful thing happened. God let Princess speak! And Balaam talked right back to her as if it was nothing unusual.

Princess states the facts. She’d never led Balaam astray all the time they’d been together. So, why did he think she would do that now?

When God allowed Balaam to see what Princess had been protecting him from, Balaam fell to his knees. I’m thinking the guy should have given Princess a hug before hitting the dirt. After all, she had saved his life.

Got any Balaam’s in your life? You know. People you’ve been around long enough for them to trust your counsel but who, for whatever reason, think you’re a donkey without the sense enough to know what you’re talking about?

Like me, I’m sure you’re not fond of being thought of as a donkey.

What to do?

We can pray for the Holy Spirit to give us the words to say the right things. Just like God gave Princess. And for God to open the eyes and ears of our Balaams so they can see the truth.

Sometimes it works. Other times, God allows our Balaams to keep on their destructive paths until such a time He decides to make the truth clear to them. Either way, we need to carry the fire of truth until the day they choose to see it.

Then the Lord gave the donkey the power of speech, and it said to Balaam, “What have I done to you? Why have you beaten me these three times?”

Balaam answered, “Because you have made a fool of me! If I had a sword, I would kill you.”

The donkey replied, “Am I not the same donkey on which you have ridden all your life? Have I ever treated you like this before?”

“No,” he answered.

Then the Lord let Balaam see the angel standing there with his sword; and Balaam threw himself face downward on the ground. Numbers 22:28-31 (GNT)

I wish you well.


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2 thoughts on “Sometimes, It Takes a Donkey

  1. Awesome post, Sandy! I thank God for those who have told me the truth when
    I was like Balaam, and pray I will have the courage to speak up to those who need to be told the truth, even if they think I am a donkey.


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