More Pie, Please

By Sandy Kirby Quandt

On a recent chilly evening Pilot and I sat outdoors in front of our cozy chiminea sipping hot chocolate and listening to an owl sing. As we enjoyed the warmth and each others’ company, I thought of something I read in a book the day before.

In Dragons of the Watch by Donita Paul, I was struck by a passage where the male main character, Bealomondore, tries to explain to the female main character, Ellie, why Wulder has given them what Ellie considered the nice but unnecessary item of pie in their noon meal.

The explanation sounded very Biblical, to me.

Bealomondore told Ellie, “Like a good father, Wulder delights in the pure pleasure of His children’s hearts.”

When Ellie still doesn’t get what he’s saying, Bealomondore explains further that Wulder delights in His people’s enjoyment of simple pleasures. Pie, being one of those pleasures.

Or hot chocolate. Or the warmth of a fire. Or the love and companionship of a friend.

Our God is the giver of every good and perfect gift. His gifts far outshine the gifts human parents could ever give their children. God gives us more than the necessities of life. He gives us the nice but non-essential pleasures as well.


Because He delights in our enjoyment of what He gives.

The next time God gives us pie, in whatever form our specific pie may come, let’s enjoy it. That’s the reason for the gift, after all.

God has opened up the floodgates, and poured out His magnificent gifts.

And when we receive those extras, let’s not forget to tell Him, “Thanks”.

What non-essential pieces of pie have you received lately?

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Whatever is good and perfect comes down to us from God our Father, who created all the lights in the heavens. He never changes or casts a shifting shadow. James 1:17

I wish you well.


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