The Battle is the LORD’s Part II

By Sandy Kirby Quandt

Several months ago, I wrote how the battles we face are God’s to fight. In that post I said, We face giants today. Some days, the battles are fierce. Other days just naggingly annoying. Some days the battle has raged for a long time. Other days we’re blindsided. Either way, if we go out in our own strength we’re sure to fail, or at the most, win only a partial victory.

Today, I would like to revisit that idea. Although I truly believe God must fight our battles for us, and I cling to and hold onto that promise, there are times I waver.

Another new health concern is the latest battle God will have to fight for me. And no…I haven’t gone on any trips lately. 😉

One more auto-immune disease has been added to my Fibromyalgia and growing list of other health concerns. Lupus.

Woven and spun…God put in what he wanted to put in, and left out what he wanted to leave out when I was created in my mother’s womb.

When King Jehoshaphat and his army prepared to go into battle, God told them not to be discouraged or afraid. Even though they faced a large enemy. The outcome of the battle didn’t depend on what the king and his army could or couldn’t do. The outcome depended on God.

Jehoshaphat was told he and his men would not need to fight the battle. Their job was to meet the enemy, take up their positions and wait. Oh, yeah. Wait.

The LORD would give the victory.

I know many of you are going through battles of your own right along with me. Health battles. Job battles. Family battles. Financial battles. Relationship battles. Addiction battles…

We’ve been given our orders. We are not to look at our discouraging circumstances and be overcome with fear. We are instructed to face the enemy, and wait upon the LORD to win the victory. Can I get an amen?

Jahaziel said, “Your Majesty and all you people of Judah and Jerusalem, the Lord says that you must not be discouraged or be afraid to face this large army. The battle depends on God, not on you. Attack them tomorrow as they come up the pass at Ziz. You will meet them at the end of the valley that leads to the wild country near Jeruel. You will not have to fight this battle. Just take up your positions and wait; you will see the Lord give you victory. People of Judah and Jerusalem, do not hesitate or be afraid. Go out to battle, and the Lord will be with you!”                                    2 Chronicles 20:15-17 (GNT)

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I wish you well.


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