An Attitude Like Christ

By Sandy Kirby Quandt

Sure, as a Christian, my attitude is to be like Christ. I know that. I want that. More times than I like, I fail that.

But not this day.

The other morning as I waited in line to pick up a prescription at my local pharmacy, the elderly lady in front of me was engaged with the pharmacy tech long after her ‘script had been rung up.

I didn’t time the conversation, but it seemed to run close to five minutes. Most of the talk was non-prescription related. Hollis moved away from the counter, in an effort to discourage the customer. But the lady kept talking. Hollis even turned her back, shuffled through the bin of prescriptions, and pulled my ‘script out as she waited for the lady to leave.

When the lady in front of me finally turned and left, Hollis mouthed, “Sorry.” I smiled and waited for the elderly lady to make her way past me before I edged to the counter.

Hollis apologized over and over again about taking so long with the previous customer. “It’s okay. I wouldn’t have it any other way. You’re patient with me. Why wouldn’t I expect you to be patient with everyone else?”

There it was. An attitude like Christ.

Relief filled Hollis’ face.

Why didn’t it bother me to wait for the previous customer to wrap up her transaction and move on her way? Because while I waited, Jesus reminded me I was just like that lady. I was someone who needed a sympathetic ear. A kind word. A friendly smile. Grace.

In that women Jesus showed me I too, am someone who daily stands before the throne of grace asking one more question of the Savior who died for me. Having one more thing I need to say. Needing one more word of assurance, kindness, love, direction…before I go on with the busyness of my day.

An attitude like Christ…something to strive for. Something not always achieved. Something attainable through the power of the One who lives in us, nonetheless. Something that, when we exhibit it, leaves us with a smile on our face and a sense of finally getting it right.

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In your lives you must think and act like Christ Jesus. Philippians 2:5 (NCV)

I wish you well.


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