Sunday Scriptures — Foolish Arguments

By Sandy Kirby Quandt

Last weekend as Pilot and I drove home from a visit with my mother in Georgia, we stopped at a hotel we’ve stayed in many times before. The most recent being last December.

But my, oh my, how things had changed…for the worse. The front staff were unnecessarily surly, the room greatly deteriorated, the price gouged for the holiday weekend increased by $40.00. As Pilot said, it definitely was not a hotel that warranted that amount of increase.

So, what did I do?

I opened the door for Satan to charge in and get me aggravated. I allowed the disappointing hotel experience to steal my joy.

As Jon Gruden, former Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ head football coach said one time, “A lot of things annoyed me.”

Ever been there? I imagine you have.

Driver cuts us off in traffic…we get annoyed.

Someone says an unkind word…we get annoyed.

The friend who promised to be there doesn’t show up…we get annoyed.

Checkout clerk is too chatty with the person in front of us, slowing down the line…we get annoyed.

They don’t show the appreciation we deserve…we get annoyed.

The front staff at the hotel-that-shall-not-be-named is anything but nice…we get annoyed.

(Interesting side note…when I began typing this, an email arrived from said hotel, asking me to fill out a survey regarding my recent stay. Do you think I should send them the link to this post? 😉 )

The Apostle Paul gave some very wise advice in 2 Timothy. Advice I choose to heed.

What about you?

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Stay away from foolish and stupid arguments, because you know they grow into quarrels. 2 Timothy 2:23 (NCV)

I wish you well.


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2 thoughts on “Sunday Scriptures — Foolish Arguments

  1. Great message …….good timing! My other half would have gotten into a confrontation with a female leaving the parking lot via a No Entry exit…..however due to my insistence and threatening to disembark from the auto, he held his remarks…..she was definitely ugly with her looks and motions, but I suggested that we not lower ourselves to tha level. Thank goodness….she was entering the highway illegally, but as I often tell myself…..I’m not correct all the time…, thank you for your message… I to You-Know-who!


    • Thanks, Polly. It is sooo much easier to let others know exactly what we think of them and their bad behavior, than it is to keep from entering a confrontation. Wish I could say I succeed at that more times than not. When I realize Satan’s the one wanting me to lose my temper, it makes me more resolved not to give him the victory. He’s had too many already.


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