Ultraviolet Light

By Sandy Kirby Quandt

As I read the 22 chapter of the Book of Revelation I thought of several things. The first thing I thought of was the time in junior high when my best friend and I discussed the idea of God putting his name on our foreheads. Something, which at the time to our young minds, was beyond our understanding, to say the least.

The other thing I thought about was ultraviolet light.

Have you ever attended an event where your hand was stamped with visible ink to show you paid the admission price, and had the right to enter?

How about having your hand stamped with invisible ink which only showed up under an ultraviolet light?

Those stamps were the coolest! If anyone questioned your right to enter, you just placed your hand under the light and dared them to keep you out.

Well, I’m thinking maybe the stamp God places on our foreheads could be some sort of cosmic ultraviolet light that allows us admittance to the main event. Proof Jesus paid our admission cost for us, and proof we belong to him. Who knows?

It doesn’t matter how the mark is put on our forehead, the fact remains, we get to enter into the presence of the King of kings and the LORD of lords. Forever. And no one will be able to keep us out.

The Book of Revelation tells us nothing cursed will be allowed into heaven where the thrones of God and Jesus sit.

There will be no more pain, no more night, and no need for lamps or the sun, because God’s radiance will light up the whole place.

Those of us who have God’s name written on our foreheads will worship him forever.

How cool is that?

Thanks be to God for his glorious gift. Amen?

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Nothing that has cursed mankind shall exist any longer; the throne of God and of the Lamb shall be within the city. His servants shall worship him; they shall see his face, and his name will be upon their foreheads. Night shall be no more; they have no more need for either lamplight or sunlight, for the Lord God will shed his light upon them and they shall reign as kings for timeless ages. Revelation 22:3-5 (Phillips)

I wish you well.


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3 thoughts on “Ultraviolet Light

  1. Thank you for your post, Sandy. I needed that today. Also loved the song…I have not heard it for a long time.


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