Sunday Scriptures — Run To Jesus For Protection

In many of the movies I’ve seen depicting a military war zone, there was an alert soldier guarding the perimeter of camp to protect those inside. At the sound of sticks snapping or leaves rustling, the soldier would shout out, “Halt! Who goes there?”

If the reply was from a friendly then all was well, and he was admitted into the safety of the camp. If the reply was from the enemy, a fight ensued.

I was thinking about this scenario the other day when I considered the things that try to enter my camp and destroy me. Discouragement. Anxious thoughts. Pain. Fatigue…Things which the enemy is intent on lobbing like a grenade into my productivity, peace and pleasure.

Perhaps you deal with similar struggles. The day is going well until you receive a phone call that puts you into a tail spin. You plan a pleasant outing with friends but old wounds are opened and left to bleed out. The doctor’s report is anything but encouraging and you don’t know what your next step should be.

Something I am trying to put into practice is to entrust my day to Jesus. We need to be alert to those things that crop up and threaten to undo us. We need to hand them to Jesus as soon as we recognize them. When Satan’s lies bombard, we need to yell, “Halt!” Then immediately ask Jesus to put his hands over our ears so the deceiver’s venom can’t reach our brain and destroy.

We have to choose Jesus’ protection. Choose him as the guard of our camp to keep the enemy’s destruction out. We need to take refuge behind the walls of Jesus’ security and run to his open arms of protection.

If the enemy is trying to sneak his way into the safety of your camp, would you join me in telling him to halt! and ask Jesus to protect you?

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God Most High, have pity on me! Have mercy. I run to you for safety. In the shadow of your wings, I seek protection till danger dies down. Psalm 57:1

I wish you well.


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4 thoughts on “Sunday Scriptures — Run To Jesus For Protection

  1. Sandy this post is wonderful… true! Why can’t we just let go, let Jesus?? Thanks for sharing….


    • Thanks, Polly. I think in our humanness, we falsely believe it’s all up to us to resolve everything without Jesus’ help. That’s what Satan would love for us to believe because he knows he’s no match for Christ’s mighty power.


  2. Lately I have been dealing with anxious thoughts and have been trying to give these burdens over to Jesus, instead of trying to solve them on my own.


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