Holding Onto Jesus

By Sandy Kirby Quandt

Comfort can be found in difficult times when we are assured of another’s presence, wouldn’t you agree?

As a child, just knowing a trusted adult was within arm’s reach or hollering distance often was enough to take care of whatever troubles seemed to be threatening. Knowing there was someone bigger than us who had our best interest at heart and had the power to deal with whatever Bogey Man was out there was enough.

When I was in sixth grade an intruder made its way down our chimney. It flew straight through the living room, turned right and ascended up the stairs. It took another right and ended up in my room where I lay in my bed, reading the latest Nancy Drew mystery before I fell asleep.

At first I wasn’t sure what flapped its wings within inches of my head. Maybe a bird attracted to my bedside lamp? On the second fly-by, I knew.

I threw the covers over my head and screamed, “There’s a bat in my room! There’s a bat in my room!” over and over while the monster beat its wings around me.

Within minutes my father appeared at the top of the stairs. He glanced into my room and said, “There isn’t a man in your room.” Which is what he thought I’d screamed.

As soon as the words left his lips, the denizen of the night buzzed Dad’s head. Turning  toward the stairs, my father assured me he’d be right back. He instructed me to stay absolutely still and quiet then ran downstairs, grabbed the broom, and charged back into my room.

It took several attempts before Dad finally managed to beat the bat senseless enough to take it outside. On the side of my bed of all places.

Sorry if such a thought upsets any of you.

I knew enough about Dracula and blood sucking vampire bats to know my dad had just saved my life, and I didn’t really worry too much — only a little bit — about the bat’s imminent demise.

Yes, children like to be assured someone will come to their rescue when they scream out for help, but you know what? Adults want that same assurance.

Is that not so?

While it is oh so nice to have people we can rely on help us in our times of distress, our ultimate help is found in Jesus Christ alone.

When our hearts are breaking, Jesus is the Comforter who holds us and wipes away our tears until our hearts have mended.

When our pain seems unending, Jesus is the Great Physician who gives us the strength to keep going one step at a time.

When the events of life make us fearful and threaten to pull us under, Jesus is our Peace amid the storm. He’s in our boat with us. He won’t abandon ship.

Jesus is a ready help in our times of trouble. He has our best interest at heart. He is the omnipotent all-powerful one who overcame death and rose again after being buried in the ground for three days. Nothing is too hard for him.

We can rest in the knowledge Jesus is within reach. He will never leave or forsake us.

When life feels a little unsettled and unsure, and creatures of the night flap around our heads, we have a source of comfort available to us in Jesus.

Like a father taking his mighty broom to the things that fly through our lives and threaten to harm us, Jesus’ love will protect and keep us safe.

Any tales of terror you’ve been saved from you’d care to share?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the subject. Leave a comment below. If you think others would appreciate reading this, please share it through the social media buttons.

Though the mountains be shaken and the hills be removed, yet my unfailing love for you will not be shaken nor my covenant of peace be removed,” says the Lord, who has compassion on you. Isaiah 54:10 (NIV)

I wish you well.


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8 thoughts on “Holding Onto Jesus

  1. I just love your bat story Sandy, and how your father came to the rescue.
    About five years ago, very early one morning, I was surprised by a giant
    tree frog in my bathroom sink. I was terrified. Mom came over, dressed in
    a safari hat and carrying a net to try and help me catch it. We screamed
    and laughed as I kept missing the frog. Fortunately, my son came to
    the rescue!


      • Yes, Sandy. I received a phone call from a neighbor warning me that another neighbor thought she saw a black bear in her backyard. I was telling my husband and son about the phone call and my husband said, “it was probably just a very large raccoon, no way was it a black bear”. As soon as he finished saying these words, a black bear sauntered past the dining room window. David ran to get his camera as fast as he could. It was priceless!


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