Sunday Scriptures — Two by Two

by Sandy Kirby Quandt

Among the countless things I ponder, one is how all the animals arrived at the ark Noah built all at the same time. In pairs, no less, with extras that would be used as sacrifices once the Ark landed on dry land and Noah and his family exited the very large ship.

One estimate I read of the amount of animals in this roundup based on the dimensions of the ark said it may have been able to fit close to 45,000. That’s a lot of animals.

I would have loved to witness the parade toward the ark at God’s call.

Don’t you think that’s what it was? God’s call.

I believe the animals were so in tune to God, they knew exactly when to set forth toward Noah’s arky-arky built of gopher barky-barky. (How many remember that song?)

Because the animals each proceeded at their own pace, I imagine the snails and snakes set out first, with the cheetahs and birds following later, and the elephants and giraffes somewhere in between. Yet, each reached the ark at the same time.

Amazing. Simply Amazing.

If I’d been the one building the ship that ferried the animals and Noah’s family, I’m pretty positive I’d have worried with the details of getting those animals on board. “LORD, how in the world am I supposed to build this ark, warn the people, stock food, convince my wife I am not crazy, AND gather up the animals? You know I’m not overly thrilled with snakes…could we leave them behind? How do you expect me to do all that? Hmm?”

Well, fortunately, God didn’t choose me for the task. He chose someone who would be obedient and do what God asked him to do, build the ark, and trust God to handle the details of gathering the animals.

Many times I find I worry over things I have no control over, like gathering the animals, and ignore the things I can control, like pounding nails into wood.

Do any of you have the same problem?

Maybe we need to do the job God gives us to do, and leave the details to him.

Any jobs you feel called to do that you need to trust God with the details? I know I sure do.

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All of them went along into the ark to Noah in pairs—all flesh into which God had breathed the breath of life. All those in the ark, males and females of all living flesh, went in just as God had told them to do. And the Eternal One shut them all in for the duration of the flood. Genesis 7:15-16 (Voice)

I wish you well.


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