Sunday Scriptures — Joy

by Sandy Kirby Quandt

Recently I had the opportunity to attend a dinner and listen to Mary Southerland speak. The title of her speech was Laugh More … Live Better and centered around Joy.

In her speech Mary reminded us we are God’s Beloved and need to understand that, have God’s joy instead of listening to the enemy’s lies and letting him mess with our minds. Satan has no power except what we give him.

Mary told us we are overcomers, yet walk around like we’ve been overcome. She challenged us to not let Satan get us down by refusing to listen to him.

We can learn to be joyful. Real joy flows from a personal relationship with God. Inward perspective does not have to reflect our outward circumstances.

  • Realize we were made for joy
  • Recognize the power of joy
  • Choose to be joyful

It’s up to us whether we live joyful lives or not. We can choose to let our outward circumstances steal our inward joy or not. We can draw on God’s joy to fill us instead of listening to the great joy-stealer’s lies.

It’s our choice.

What would you add to how to keep joy in our lives?

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You will teach me how to live a holy life. Being with you will fill me with joy; at your right hand I will find pleasure forever. Psalm 16:11 (NCV)

I wish you well.


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