Sunday Scriptures — Turn Back to God

by Sandy Kirby Quandt

The book of Isaiah is a book of Israel’s turning from and returning to God. Over and over and over.

We might read the book and think, What was wrong with those Israelite’s? Why didn’t they stay true to God and do what he told them to do? He provided for them before, why didn’t they trust him to provide again?

But you know that saying, be careful when you point your finger at someone because when you do, the rest of your fingers are pointing right back atcha’.

Have any of us turned away from God and returned again? Have we ever sinned and not done what his Holy Bible tells us to do? Have we ever doubted God was with us, would care for us, and see us through our time of difficulty? Have we ever resorted to our own devices instead of waiting on the Lord?

God longed for his people to turn back to him. He didn’t want to see the destruction that would come upon them if they didn’t. He wants the same for us today.

God does not want us to be destroyed by Satan’s lies and the pain of following the great deceiver. God longs for each of us to turn back from going our own way and get on the path God established for us. He wants us to never forget the price Jesus paid to sweep our sins away from us when we confess him as our LORD and Savior.

It’s easy to look at others and wonder what their problem is. It’s harder to look at our own lives and figure out what our problem is. The solution, I believe, is to turn back to God and follow his way.

I for one am extremely grateful God allows us to keep coming back whenever we stray away from him. How about you?

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Turn back to me! I have rescued you and swept away your sins as though they were clouds. Isaiah 44:22 (CEV)

I wish you well.


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