Sunday Scriptures — Jesus Is Our High Priest

by Sandy Kirby Quandt

Jesus is our High Priest who knows all about us and understands what is going on in our lives. He knows our emotional wounds and understands why we do the things we do.

In Joyce Meyer’s book, The Confident Woman Devotional, she looks at Hebrew 4:15 in a way I hadn’t considered before. I always knew from this scripture Jesus was a High Priest who pleads our case before God. Because he lived on this earth in human form, he experienced the things of this life that we experience and sympathizes with us.

Jesus knew what it was to be betrayed, lied about and lied to, hurt physically and emotionally. He was tempted in every way possible, yet he never gave in to sin.

The new insight I gained from her devotion was Jesus “knows the why behind the what” that we do. He knows why we behave the way we do. Light bulb moment.

Jesus sees and remembers all the emotional wounds and bruises in our past. He knows what we were created for. He knows the temperament we were born with. He understands our weaknesses.

Joyce went on to say once we put our faith in Jesus, he begins a process of restoration in our lives that will not be entirely finished until we leave the earth.

Jesus understands us. He loves us unconditionally. He is committed to working with us through the Holy Spirit without condemnation.

While Jesus works with us molding us to become the person we were created to be, how about we stop beating ourselves up for our shortcomings … our sins … and rest in the calm assurance Jesus is for us and is helping us become the best us we can be?

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Seeing that we have a great High Priest who has entered the inmost Heaven, Jesus the Son of God, let us hold firmly to our faith. For we have no superhuman High Priest to whom our weaknesses are unintelligible—he himself has shared fully in all our experience of temptation, except that he never sinned. Hebrews 4:14-15 (Phillips)

I wish you well.


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