Pause for Poetry – So Grateful

Welcome to Pause for Poetry featuring a poem written by my writer-friend, Shirley Specht Johnson.

So Grateful
By Shirley Specht Johnson

So grateful
for the little things.
The sparkles in the midnight sky
that whisper
there’s so much more than I.
The morning dew,
one bird’s song,
and other birds
that sing along.
Catching snowflakes,
sun so bright.
Family meals,
quiet nights.
Grandma’s homemade soup,
the crisp fall air,
quilted blankets
on the chair.
My children’s laughter
as they play.
Splashing puddles,
a summer’s day.
So grateful
for the little things.
The caterpillar that learns to fly.
The little things
that whisper
there’s so much more than I.

Shirley Specht Johnson loves to share inspiration and encouragement through her writing. She is a member of SCBWI. She loves to read and has volunteered at her local Public Library as an Adult Literacy Tutor. She shares moments of inspiration and her writing life at her blog.

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