We Can Trust God’s Wisdom

by Sandy Kirby Quandt

At some point in our lives I imagine most of us have had someone tell us, “Trust me. I know what I’m doing.” We may have said it ourselves.

While the results of that trust could vary from totally trusting the person does, indeed, know what they are doing, to thinking, “Are you kidding? I wouldn’t trust you if my life depended on it.”


Sometimes those who ask us to trust them have evil intent. They prey on the innocent and take from their victims.

Sometimes they make claims their ability  can’t back up.

Sometimes we are asked to trust without proof what we’re being asked to believe is fact.

There have been times someone asked for my trust, and I trusted. Sometimes with good results. Sometimes with not so good results. There have also been times I was asked to trust someone and replied, “I wouldn’t trust you if my life depended on it.” And for good reason.

While there are many, many people in this world clamoring for our trust, there is one we need never question whether he’ll come through on his promises or not.

God is trustworthy and true.

The Bible is trustworthy and true.

Jesus’ sacrifice for our sins is trustworthy and true.

We can trust in God’s perfect will for our lives whether that brings sunshine or rain because we know his wisdom is matchless.

And most importantly, we can trust God because our lives really do depend on it.

How do you decide who to trust and who not to trust?

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Lord All-Powerful, you are God. You have promised me some very good things, and you can be trusted to do what you promise. 2 Samuel 7:28 (CEV)

I wish you well.


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