Sunday Scriptures — That’s Why There’s Chocolate and Vanilla

by Sandy Kirby Quandt

One of Pilot’s sayings is, “That’s why there’s chocolate and vanilla.”

We’re all different. We don’t like the same kind of ice cream, and we don’t have the same taste in clothes. The last time I shopped at my local resale shop I realized how true that is.

As I flipped through hangars of clothes on the racks, there were some items I thought were really cute, but not for me. There were other items I thought, “Really?” And then there were the clothes I found that were just what I was looking for.

Sort of like Goldilocks and the three bears.

Thinking about the variety of clothing, caused me to carry the thought further to the variety of worship styles in Christian churches today. Some aren’t for me; some are.

Just as it’s none of my business if someone wears a blouse I’d never put on, it’s none of my business how someone else worships.

Whether someone does or does not raise their hands during worship; whether they kneel  or stand when they pray or the position of their head, hands, eyes … none of that is my business. My business is to make sure the way I worship pleases God. Period.

I believe what really matters in our worship is whether it glorifies God. Is it honoring him above all others? Is our focus Christ centered? Do we come before God with a humble heart, acknowledging him as the Author of Our Salvation, Giver of Every Good and Perfect Gift, LORD Jehovah?

What do you believe matters in worship?

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Woman, I tell you that neither is so. Believe this: a new day is coming—in fact, it’s already here—when the importance will not be placed on the time and place of worship but on the truthful hearts of worshipers. You worship what you don’t know while we worship what we do know, for God’s salvation is coming through the Jews. The Father is spirit, and He is seeking followers whose worship is sourced in truth and deeply spiritual as well. Regardless of whether you are in Jerusalem or on this mountain, if you do not seek the Father, then you do not worship. John 4:21-24 (VOICE)

I wish you well.


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