Sunday Scriptures Comparisons

Isaiahby Sandy Kirby Quandt

Comparisons. How do we handle them?

Do we compare ourself to others around us and see what we lack, or do we look to God and see we have everything we need?

I must confess I find it hard not to make comparisons between myself and others. Most times, however, when I do I end up feeling like I lack something.

We can ask ourselves why did someone else got that – whatever that is – and not us? Why was he picked and not us? Why does she get more “friends”, “likes” “thumbs ups”, “followers”, whatevers, than us?

But when we play the comparison game does it really help anything? Does it improve our situation?

I think not.

During a conference I heard the speaker say, “Her success does not mean your failure.” If we would only take that thought in, let it soak deep into our heart, and believe it. Just because someone else is successful, that does not mean we have failed. Repeat that last sentence as often as necessary.

I find this comparison business hard to resist in a world where comparing ourselves to others’ success and accomplishments seems to be the modus operandi. Guess it’s the old keeping up with the Joneses thing. Even so, when we compare and believe we fall short, aren’t we saying what we have to offer isn’t as important as someone else, so why bother?

That my dear friends is anything but the truth. That is what Satan would love for us to believe, because when we do, he wins.

Each and every one of us is important in God’s eyes, and each and everyone one of us has much we can offer to the world. We are each a unique creature made by an amazingly creative God.

We need to be careful not to go the opposite direction with comparing, though. When we compare and believe ourselves better than others, that’s equally wrong.

So let’s stop playing the comparison game, and embrace the gift of us that God created.

Do you find it hard not to compare? What do you do to fight playing the comparison game?

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What do you have that you did not receive? Isn’t everything you have and everything you are sheer gifts from God? So what’s the point in all this comparing and competing – you already have all you need. 1 Corinthians 4:7 (MSG)

I wish you well.


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