Women of Faith Bible Study Series Review

by Sandy Kirby Quandt

I have been a fan of the Women of Faith Bible studies series since I first began using them to lead a women’s Bible study at my church in 2008. I highly recommend these Bible studies.

The studies are divided into 12 lessons which are easily covered one lesson a week in an hour with plenty of time for discussion. A leader’s guide is included at the back of each book. Each lesson/chapter begins with a scripture verse leading into an introduction of what’s to come. Questions lead the learner into personal reflection through scripture reading and self assessment. The Digging Deeper section at the end of the lesson guides the learner to further reflection. Ponder and Pray gives guided thoughts for prayer relating to the lesson. There is also a Trinkets to Treasure which offers a symbolic item as a reminder of the lesson’s main idea.

In Building Your Strengths Kate Etue helps the reader examine what God’s word tells us about our unique gifts and how those abilities are intended to be used for God. The twelve chapters cover Intellectual Strength, Relational Strength, Professional Strength, Domestic Strength, Unwanted Strength, Strength in Weakness, Divine Strength, Building Strength, Embracing Strength, Celebrating Strength, and Where Do I Go from Here?

The chapter I found most helpful was Embracing Strength. In this lesson Kate Etue states, “Drawing on God’s strength to live our lives means that we have the power to accept who we are, celebrate our strengths, and walk confidently in the the knowledge that God will finish the good work he began in us.” Amen?

Just so you are aware, Building Your Strengths was previously published as Embracing Your Strengths, Giving God Your Future was previously published as Giving God Your All, and Praying with Power was previously published as Adventurous Prayer.

Have you studied any of the Women of Faith Bible study series books?

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I wish you well.


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I received copies of these three studies from the Blythe Daniel Agency for a fair and honest review. Which is exactly what I gave.

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    • Carla, you are right. The initial thought is to keep moving through the study but it is better to cogitate on what you learned before going to the next chapter. Thanks for pointing that out.


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