Pause for Poetry — Love Letters

Welcome to Pause for Poetry featuring a poem written by my writer-friend, Shirley Specht Johnson.

Love Letters
by Shirley Specht Johnson

Reading those love letters from long long ago
without understanding how the depths of love goes.

A young heart quick to take flight,
eyes without vision, eyes without sight

Then came the day the steps were no longer light,
Then came the day there was fog, there was night.

The days of hunger, You were there to feed.
The days of hunger You supplied the need.

The days of thirst You quenched my soul.
The days of thirst, You never let go.

The days of heartache You removed despair.
The days of heartache You embraced with care.

The days of abandonment You remained a strong friend,
The days of abandonment, You revealed beginning, not end.

Oh, that young heart quick to take flight
eyes without vision, eyes without sight.

You rooted, grounded, anchored it so,
Oh this Love, this Love I now know

Let others find Your Love Letters
through the life I lead.
Let my life be the Letters
You want them to read.

Reading those Love Letters from long long ago,
now understanding how the depths of love goes.

Shirley Specht Johnson loves to share inspiration and encouragement through her writing. She is a member of SCBWI. She loves to read and has volunteered at her local Public Library as an Adult Literacy Tutor. She shares moments of inspiration and her writing life at her blog.

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3 thoughts on “Pause for Poetry — Love Letters

  1. Thanks for sharing this poem, Shirley. What makes it interesting is how differently we write, yet we can learn from each other. Thanks, Sandy, for bring us all together.


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