Hurricane Harvey and Houston Texas

by Sandy Kirby Quandt

If, like most people, you spent the greater part of this past week glued to your television or device for updates on the news regarding Hurricane Harvey and Houston, Texas; the rain event the weather service called an unprecedented catastrophic event with record-setting historical rain fall, perhaps your heart was grieved at the sight of people young and old rescued by boat, front loader, dump truck, and helicopter from the rising flood waters.

Pilot, Pie, and I live in the Houston area. We’ve been through Alison, Rita, Ike, and now Harvey since moving here from Florida in 2000.

Right now I’d like to thank each and every one of you who faithfully prayed for us, and the rest of the area, during this unprecedented catastrophic event. God was again faithful to hear and answer. Proving it is through placing our trust in him that fear is driven out.


You may have heard Houston Texans football player, JJ Watt, established a fundraiser to help with the recovery efforts. Here’s a link if you feel moved to contribute to help those who lost so much. The storm may be in our rearview mirror when you read this, but the recovery efforts will last far into the future.

I find it interesting that right before Harvey hit Texas, I’d been thinking about Job’s conversation with God. I wrote a post on that conversation before Harvey was a blip on the weather screen. I bumped it from today, and rescheduled it for September 7, 2017.

Near the end of the Book of Job God challenges the man who dared question him. These last five chapters may have been intended for Job, but are written for each of us as well.

In the midst of Job’s suffering he and his friends talked to each other a lot. But they didn’t talk with God very much. Did you ever notice that? It took the whole Book of Job before God answers Job from the whirlwind and asks, “Who is this that questions my wisdom with such ignorant words? Brace yourself like a man, because I have some questions for you, and you must answer them.” (Job 38:1-3)

In the midst of our personal suffering we may talk a lot to our family and friends, without spending much time talking with God about our situation.

I sent more texts to family and friends during the days of Hurricane Harvey than I have at any other time. (I am not a proficient texter as those who receive my texts can attest.) Sissy also served as a contact person dispensing updates on our situation.

Along with communicating with others, I stayed in constant communication with God. As Job showed us, that is key is it not?

Our lives and wellbeing are ultimately in the hands of an all-powerful, all-knowing Creator God who spoke the world into being, laid the foundations of the earth, told the sea it can only go THIS far, and controls the wind, rain and lightning.

Friends are good to bounce things off and listen to their counsel, but in the end it is better to spend more time listening to God than discussing the hows and whys of things that are beyond our comprehension and control, don’t you think?

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“Who shut up the sea with doors, when it rushed out from its secret place? I made clouds its clothing, and put much darkness around it. I marked the places where it could not pass, and set locks and doors. And I said, ‘You will come this far, and no farther. Here will your proud waves stop.” Job 38:8-11 (NLV)

I wish you well.


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2 thoughts on “Hurricane Harvey and Houston Texas

  1. Many prayers were answered as God protected so many in catastrophic conditions. This horrific situation truly brought out the best in God’s flock. There were so many angels here on earth that volunteered and have worked for days rescuing people from the massive flooding while working in contaminated water at risk of their own health and safety. Still praying for Texas during their recovery. Great blog!


    • Thanks, Sissy. You are so right about all the many, many selfless individuals from all over the country who have pitched in to help. Much still needed to be done in the recovery process.
      Thanks for keeping our family informed of Pilot, Pie, and my situation.


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