Waiting to Hear From God

by Sandy Kirby Quandt

Many stories in the Bible tell of people who heard from God, and once they heard from him, they waited for his promises to be fulfilled. Some waited patiently. Some did not.

One Biblical story of someone who decided they’d waited long enough for God to act on his promises is the story of Abraham and Sarah. God promised them a son, but it took an awful long time by human standards, to provide that son, so Abraham and Sarah took matters into their own hands and paid a price for not waiting.

Another example of someone who waited a long time for God’s promise to be fulfilled was David. God promised David the throne. Again, by our way of thinking it took an awful long time before God put David on Israel’s throne. Unlike Abraham and Sarah, David did not take matters into his own hands when he had the opportunity to kill Saul.

The Israelites grumbled and complained, staged rebellions against God’s appointed leaders, and wandered forty years in the desert before they reached the Promised Land of Canaan.

After years of waiting, Hannah cried out to God for a son, he heard her cries, and within nine months her long awaited son, Samuel, was born.

Anna and Simeon were told they would not die before their eyes beheld the Promised Christ Child. They waited in the temple their entire lives for that promise to be fulfilled.


In each of these instances I wonder if, like me, they questioned if they’d heard God correctly. Did he really tell them what they thought he said? If so, then what was the hold up? Why the long wait?

While I’m waiting to hear from God right now about decisions, there are things I believe God has promised me which are yet to come. There are decisions I have made based on things I believed God told me, but which will never come true. There are also things which came true in my life that I never expected.

Sometimes I waited with patience – not my strong trait. More times than not, I’d have to say I did not wait patiently.

The key, possibly, in all of this is to be willing to truly listen as we are waiting to hear from God.

What do you do during those times when you are waiting to hear from God? Do you wait patiently, or not?

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The Lord has made both these things: ears to hear and eyes to see. Proverbs 20:12 (NCV)

 I wish you well.


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