Sunday Scriptures – Infuse to Diffuse

by Sandy Kirby Quandt

Recently I bought a cute flower diffuser with lavender scent. As I poured scent into the glass bottle and submerged the wick, I thought about how our lives should be like a diffuser.

I also thought about a blog post I wrote several years back, where I mentioned stinky sponges.

On the other hand, we can spend all our time studying, studying, studying, digging those deep roots, and never reach out and apply what we’re learning to help others.

That’s what a friend of mine calls a stinky sponge.

You know, the sponge that has soaked up the water and is left to sit on the counter without being used. If the water is never squeezed out, that sponge is going to stink.

Let’s not be a stinky sponge. Let’s dig our roots deep into the Word of God, and then squeeze it out through our limbs of outreach to others.

We have to be infused, instilled with something, before we can diffuse, disperse or spread it out. We can’t give something we don’t have.

To be a diffuser, we have to first be filled.

We need to be filled with God’s love before we can spread that love to others. We have to be filled with God’s truth through studying the Bible before we can share that truth.

Just as God is gracious to us we ought to be gracious. Just as God is patient with us we ought to be patient. Just as God is forgiving to us, we ought to be forgiving.

Infused so we can diffuse. And once we are infused, what say we keep diffusing so we don’t become a stinky sponge?

How do you infuse to diffuse?

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Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it. (Proverbs 4:23)

I wish you well.


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