Isaiah’s Daughter – Book Review

by Sandy Kirby Quandt

In Isaiah’s Daughter Mesu Andrews creates a fictionalized story of what might have happened had the prophet Isaiah adopted an orphan, Ishma, renamed her Hephizbah, ” Ziba”, and raised her in his home. From the Bible we know her as the wife of Judah’s righteous king, Hezekiah, the mother of Judah’s wickedest king, Manasseh.

Within the pages of this book, Mesu Andrews dives deep into what Zibah’s life may have been like at the time of Israel’s Divided Kingdom. This thoroughly researched biblically based story tells a fascinating tale full of rich details that bring to life the time of the prophet Isaiah beginning with King Ahaz’s corrupt rule.

We follow a young Zibah as she grows up with, and marries, the future king Hezekiah. The story of the Divided Kingdom is told through Zibah’s eyes as she struggles to understand Yahweh’s plan for her life, and the life of Judah.

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