Sunday Scriptures Praise the LORD

In Psalm 146 David says we should praise the Lord and not put our trust in mortal men.

He says we are to REALLY praise the Lord. We are to mean our praise. Not just say praise the Lord and be done with it. Our praise is to continue until our dying breath. It is to be the focus of our being. Not an after thought, or something we add on to a prayer.

When David warns against putting our trust in mortal man he gives one reason … even the greatest leaders fail, and when his life ends, all he planned to accomplish dies with him. Or her.

But happy is the person who places his trust in God; the Maker of heaven and earth, for he is the God who keeps every promise, gives justice to the poor and food to the hungry. He frees prisoners, opens the eyes of the blind, lifts burdens, protects immigrants and cares for the widow and orphans.

The plans of the wicked God turns upside down.

Men will die. God will reign forever. Yes. Praise the Lord. Praise him as long as we live.

In what ways do you praise the Lord?

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Praise the Lord! Yes, really praise him! I will praise him as long as I live, yes, even with my dying breath.

Don’t look to men for help; their greatest leaders fail; for every man must die. His breathing stops, life ends, and in a moment all he planned for himself is ended. But happy is the man who has the God of Jacob as his helper, whose hope is in the Lord his God—the God who made both earth and heaven, the seas and everything in them. He is the God who keeps every promise, who gives justice to the poor and oppressed and food to the hungry. He frees the prisoners and opens the eyes of the blind; he lifts the burdens from those bent down beneath their loads. For the Lord loves good men. He protects the immigrants and cares for the orphans and widows. But he turns topsy-turvy the plans of the wicked.

The Lord will reign forever. O Jerusalem,your God is King in every generation! Hallelujah! Praise the Lord! Psalm 146 (NLT)

I wish you well.


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