God’s Word Does Not Change

by Sandy Kirby Quandt

During junior high school, one of my home economics teachers told the class fashion trends recycle every twenty to thirty years.

To prove her point, Ms. Hazzard said due to a fabric shortage during World War II, the skirts she wore then were as short as the mini-skirts our class wore.

We young teens were skeptical.

As I’ve aged through the decades, I’d have to admit my teacher was correct.

Fashions do tend to recycle on a regular basis. All we need do is look at pictures of our self through the previous years or watch old movies and television shows to see proof.

Hair styles. Make-up. Skirt lengths. Cotton. Polyester. Loose. Tight.

One thing, thankfully, which never changes is God’s word. God’s word does not change, just as God does not change. What the Bible says today, is what it said twenty years ago, and what it will say twenty years from now if Christ doesn’t return before then.

God is immutable. He is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. He won’t advocate short permed hair one year, and long straight hair the next.

He is dependable. His word is dependable. We can count on the fact God won’t say one thing one day, and something completely different tomorrow.

God does not lie nor does he contradict himself.

How unsettling would it be if we never knew how God expected his people to live?

We have enough change and chaos in our world that keeps us off-balance and upsets our equilibrium without throwing uncertainty about who God is into the mix, don’t you think?

Christ is the solid rock on which we stand. All other ground is sinking sand. The Bible reminds us to build our life on Jesus and the truth found in God’s word.

When we build our life on the unshakable truth of the Bible, we’ll never need to look back at old pictures of our spiritual life, see those regrettable years of permed hair and unwieldy shoulder pads, shake our heads, and wonder, What was I thinking?

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And he who is the Glory of Israel will not lie, nor will he change his mind, for he is not human that he should change his mind! 1 Samuel 15:29 (NLT)

I wish you well.


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