This Is My Doing

In the span of a week I read the words this is my doing, and this is from me in two separate devotions written decades apart.

If we look at 1 Kings 12:24, we read God told the Israelites, “…what has happened is my doing.”

When I read these devotions and scripture in my perpetual time of wait, I felt as if God reminded me everything is under his control. Good. Bad. Ugly. Disappointments. Successes. Wins. Loses. Pains. Joys. Everything. It is all his doing and his will.

A devotion written by Laura A. Barter Snow in Streams in the Desert discusses this theme. In her devotion, Ms. Snow says whatever rough place we may find ourselves in, God reminds us, “This is my doing.”

God’s strength is with us to carry us through whatever we face. He wants us to depend on him, not on our own abilities. He wants us to glory in him, not in ourselves.

Ms. Snow points out God is the God of circumstances. Wherever we are, we did not come to this place by accident. We are exactly where God wants us to be. Whether to bless or humble.

We need to obediently walk in the way God sets before us. When we do, we can be confident wherever we end up, however long it takes to get there, and however many detours, bumps, delays, and impasses, this is God’s doing.

“This is from Me, the Saviour said, As bending low He kissed my brow,
For One who loves you thus has led. Just rest in Me, be patient now,
Your Father knows you have need of this, Tho’, why perchance you cannot see.
Grieve not for things you’ve seemed to miss. The thing I send is best for thee.

Then looking through my tears, I plead, Dear Lord, forgive, I did not know,
Twill not be hard since Thou dost tread, Each path before me here below.
And for my good this thing must be, His grace sufficient for each test.
So still I’ll sing, Whatever be, God’s way for me is always best.”

Laura A. Barter Snow from Streams in the Desert

Wherever we find ourselves right now, it is exactly where God wants us, whether it’s where we want to be or not. Do you find comfort in that thought?

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‘This is what the Lord says: Do not fight against your relatives, the Israelites. Go back home, for what has happened is my doing!’” So they obeyed the message of the Lord and went home, as the Lord had commanded. 1 Kings 12:24 (NLT)

I wish you well.


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