Pause for Poetry — Patience

courtesy pixabayThe following poem, Patience, comes from The Will of the Wind Inspirational Thoughts on Christian Virtues by Idalee W. Vonk.


We should never think that God’s delays are

God’s denials of our prayers, for often

We, through ignorance of what is best

For us, petition for the things we feel are

Vital to our happiness, but which, if

Granted us upon request, would prove most

Detrimental to our own well-being.

Prayers are often premature. We are not

Ready for the things we feel we need, and

So God whispers, “Patience-patience-patience.”

Patience brings contentment, hope, and faith

To him who learns to pray believing, and then

Waits for the fulfillment of his prayers

In God’s own way. For patience is the key

To happiness, success, and real contentment.

In 1986 Carita Swanson Vonk, a woman I met at a writers conference, gifted me with a book of poetry written in 1969 by Idalee W. Vonk titled, The Will of the Wind Inspirational Thoughts on Christian Virtues. Interesting side note. Carita was the second wife of Idalee’s widowed husband. Dr. Vonk also happened to be Carita’s philosophy professor at the University of Miami thirty-two years prior to her giving me this book.

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