God is Still the King of the Jungle

Recently, a friend and I lamented the craziness of the current world we live in. The conversation reminded me of a similar conversation I had with a different friend in the nineties where we lamented the craziness of the world at that time.

Seems no matter how far back we go, this world’s been one wild and crazy place, inhabited by a bunch of wild and crazy people. I’m sure I’m not the only one with memories of times you shook your head and wondered what in the world was going on.

So what to do?

In 1994, Steven Curtis Chapman wrote the song, King of the Jungle. Guess he was looking at the state of the world and doing some head shaking of his own. Wonder if he’d add any additional verses today?

Maybe not, because it seems his message is no matter how crazy, no matter how much of a jungle our world appears, the truth is God is still God. He is still on his throne. He is still in control. He’s still the King of the Jungle.

Feel like things are spinning wildly out of control? Take heart, my friend. God’s got it. He’s the Lord of the gentle breeze as well as the rough and tumble. It’s all under his command.

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God is our refuge and strength, a tested help in times of trouble. And so we need not fear even if the world blows up and the mountains crumble into the sea. Let the oceans roar and foam; let the mountains tremble! Psalm 46:1-3 (TLB)

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I wish you well.


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This post first appeared on this blog May 8, 2014.

2 thoughts on “God is Still the King of the Jungle

  1. Thank you for this reassuring message, Sandy. Such a comforting thought to know that our God is in control of this world and all its craziness. There are many scriptures to help overcome worry and fear. One of my favorites is Deuteronomy 31:8: He will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged.


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