Pause for Poetry – Heavenly Treasures

Welcome to Pause for Poetry featuring a poem, Heavenly Treasures, written by my writer-friend, Frances Gregory Pasch.

Heavenly Treasures

Dear Jesus, You have shown me

By Your guidance and Your love,

The things that I must strive for

Are the things that are above.

They’re the only things that matter.

They’re the only things of worth.

For when I die I cannot take

My treasures stored on earth.

So help me, Lord, to concentrate

On ways to love and share.

Show me where I’m needed

Let others know I care.

Don’t let the devil fill my mind

With thoughts of fear and dread,

Just let me feed upon Your Word

And trust in You instead.

Frances Gregory Pasch

Frances Gregory Pasch’s devotions and poems have been published hundreds of times in devotional booklets, magazines, and Sunday school papers since 1985. Her writing has also appeared in several dozen compilations. Frances’ latest book, Greater Than Gold is available on Amazon. Her first book, Double Vision: Seeing God in Everyday Life Through Devotions and Poetry, which was published when she was eighty years old, is also available on Amazon. Frances has been leading a women’s Christian writers group since 1991 and makes her own holiday greeting cards incorporating her poetry. She and her husband, Jim, have been married since 1958. They have five sons and nine grandchildren. Contact her at

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