Pause for Poetry-Count It Done

Count It Done

Annie Johnson Flint

A father wrote to his son, who was faraway from home;
“I have sent you a beautiful gift, it may be delayed, but ‘twill come;

It is what you have wanted most, and have asked for many days;”
And before the child received the gift he voiced his thanks and praise.

Our Father saith unto us: “Your need shall be supplied;
Ask and receive that your joy be filled, and My joy in you abide.”

Shall we wait to thank till we see the answer to every prayer?
Forbear to praise till we feel the lifted pressure of care?

Nay, let us trust His word and know that the thing is done,
For His promise is just as sure as a father’s to his son.

Annie Johnson Flint

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4 thoughts on “Pause for Poetry-Count It Done

    • I’m glad you liked the poem, Kathy. I really Like Annie Johnson Flint’s poetry. I especially loved the imagery in this showing God’s faithfulness to answer our prayers.


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