A Deep Divide Book Review

Grand Canyon

A Deep Divide by Kimberley Woodhouse is an historical romance set in 1905. The story begins in 1891 Boston with eight-year-old heiress Emma Grace McMurray’s kidnapping. From there, it moves to 1900 Boston with her disappearance after her father informs Emma Grace she will marry whomever he chooses. He tells Emma Grace her future husband will be whichever man can bring a profitable business alliance.

The story picks up again in 1905 in Arizona Territory, after Emma Grace changes her last name, and works as a Harvey Girl waitress at the El Tovar Hotel on the Grand Canyon’s rim.

While working at the El Tovar, a relationship develops between Emma Grace and one of her wealthy customers, Ray Wilkins, Jr. In order for their relationship to grow, she must learn to trust Ray with the truth as trouble threatens.

The author’s many uses of what, to me, seemed as if she was preaching a sermon instead of telling a story, pulled me from Emma Grace and Ray’s story, making it difficult to re-engage.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Bethany House for a fair and honest review, which is exactly what I gave.

Have you read this book? If so, what was your impression of it?

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I wish you well.


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