Pause for Poetry-Chance Has Not Brought This Ill

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Today’s Pause for Poetry-Chance Has Not Brought This Ill, is selected from Streams in the Desert.

Chance has not brought this ill to me;

It’s God’s own hand, so let it be,

For He sees what I cannot see.

There is a purpose for each pain,

And He one day will make it plain

That earthly loss is heavenly gain.

Like as a piece of tapestry

Viewed from the back appears to be

Only threads tangled hopelessly;

But in the front a picture fair

Rewards the worker for his care,

Proving his skill and patience rare.

You are the Workman, I the frame.

Lord, for the glory of Your name,

Perfect Your image on the same.

Selected from Streams in the Desert

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2 thoughts on “Pause for Poetry-Chance Has Not Brought This Ill

  1. A comforting reminder especially when nothing makes sense and everything seems to be going wrong. God is in control and He knows what He is doing. Thank you, Sandy.


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