Satan Entered

dark skyThen Satan entered into Judas.

It began with a suggestion. Betray Jesus. Go to the leading priests. Tell them you’ll hand Jesus over to them.

During that time, Accuser (Satan) wrapped himself around the heart of speaks Well Of (Judas), also called Village Man (Iscariot), who was one of the twelve followers of Creator Sets Free (Jesus). He went to the head holy men and the lodge guards and told them of his plan to turn against Creator Sets Free (Jesus). Luke 22:3-4 (First Nations Version)

The plot becomes action.

While Jesus and his disciples ate the Passover meal together, Satan entered Judas again. Up to this point, no action or follow-through was taken. That would soon change. Judas left the others. He went to the chief religious leaders. Details for accomplishing the betrayal of Christ were ironed out.

When Speaks Well Of (Judas), took the frybread, the evil snake took hold of his heart. “Go now,” Creator Sets Free (Jesus) said to him, “and do what you have planned.” John 13:26-27 (First Nations Version)

Satan entered Judas with a suggestion. The suggestion became a plot. The plot became action sealed with the kiss of a betrayer.

While Creator Sets Free (Jesus) was speaking, suddenly a crowd stormed in led by Speaks Well Of (Judas), one of the twelve. He walked up to Creator Sets Free (Jesus) to greet him. “Will you betray the True Human Being with a kiss?” he said to him.

“Why do you come at me with clubs and long knives as if I were a thief?” he asked them. “Did I not sit with you every day in the sacred lodge? Why did you not take me then? This is your time, and you have given the powers of darkness their day.” Luke 22:47-48, 52b-53 (First Nations Version)

At any time and at any point, Judas could have resisted Satan. He could have walked away. When Satan enters and whispers in our ear, we have the same choice. When he tries to wrap himself around our heart, we can resist. When we do, he will flee, because the One who is Greater is in us if we claim Christ as our Savior. We can take every thought captive and throw away everything the evil one sends our way.

Maybe we’ve allowed the deceiver’s words to make it through the initial suggestion phase, and we’ve started planning and plotting how to accomplish his design. Maybe we’ve even enlisted others to help us. There is still time to turn back. There is still time to tell Satan to get out of our life. 

Unfortunately, if like Judas, we don’t turn back before we follow through with the plan to betray Jesus, we place a kiss of betrayal on the cheek of the One who calls us friend.

But all isn’t lost. When we follow through with Satan’s suggestions and sin, there is still hope if we acknowledge our sin, turn to Jesus, and ask for his forgiveness. Then we must determine to shut our ears to the deceiver’s lies.

We aren’t strong enough to stand on our own against the enemy, and we don’t have to. When Satan enters, we aren’t defenseless. Far from it. We have an ally in God’s own son.

We have the Savior who stands before his Father, the Righteous Judge, pleading our case as our Mediator, Advocate, Intercessor, and High Priest on our side. We have the Spirit living inside us to strengthen us in our struggles.

We have a loving Father who allowed his beloved Son in whom he is well pleased, to be betrayed with a kiss, suffer excruciating torture, and die a sinner’s death. All so our sins could be forgiven and we could have a relationship with him as his  beloved child.

Satan is defeated by the power of Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection. Don’t ever forget that. You can be sure Satan won’t. That’s why Satan continues to look for ways to devour and destroy God’s people.

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Then Satan entered into Judas, called Iscariot, who was one of the twelve disciples. So Judas went off and spoke with the chief priests and the officers of the Temple guard about how he could betray Jesus to them. They were pleased and offered to pay him money. Judas agreed to it and started looking for a good chance to hand Jesus over to them without the people knowing about it. Luke 22:3-6 (GNT)

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