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Remember What God Has Done for Us

Last month I mentioned bitterness as it related to Jennifer Rothschild’s Bible Study, Amos An Invitation to the Good Life. Today, I’m talking about our need to remember what God has done for us, also taken from Jennifer’s study.

In talking about remembering, Jennifer states

Remembering God’s goodness helps us to live faithful because the more we become forgetful, the more we become unfaithful.

Haven’t you seen that true in your life? I know I have.

Remember Through a Thankfulness Journal

I’ve mentioned before that I keep a thankfulness journal where each morning I write one thing I’m thankful to God for. Only, it can’t be the obvious … Christ’s sacrifice, my salvation, God’s faithfulness, etc.

Although I am absolutely grateful and thankful for those things, for my thankfulness journal each day what I am thankful for needs to be something different. And it can’t be something I’ve already mentioned in my multiple years-long journals.

Some days, I find it’s easier for me to remember something to be thankful for than on other days. On those days, I need to sit awhile to remember something to write down.

God Reminded the Israelites What He Did for Them

In the second chapter of Amos, God reminded the Israelites of the many things he did for them in the past. Not the least of which was deliverance from Egyptian slavery.

Just as with my thankfulness journals where I put down the small things, the little mercies and kindnesses God bestows, God wanted the Israelites to remember all the things he did. Both large and small. I believe God wants us to do the same.

Through remembering, God desired his people to see that although they were unfaithful and left him, he was always faithful and never left them.

Several Things To Help Us Remember

Here are several things I received from Jennifer’s lesson on Amos chapter 2 to help us remember. I’m paraphrasing, but this is the general idea.

It’s in the details.

Be specific about who God is to us and what he has done for us.

Intentional remembering can lead to intimate reconnecting.

Forgetting to remember God’s faithfulness to us in the past can make us forget to be faithful to him in our present.

Something Jennifer suggested we do to help us remember God’s faithfulness is to write down whenever a good thing about God comes to mind. Then at those times when we become forgetful about his mercies, look at our list and re-calibrate our feelings. I like that idea.

Your Turn

What do you do to remember the times God showed up in your difficult situations and seasons?

Do you have something special you do to remember what he’s already brought you through, that help enable you to trust him with your future?

Leave a comment below to share your thoughts on the subject. If you think others would appreciate reading this, please share it through the social media buttons.

“Yet think of all I did for them! I cleared the land of the Amorites before them—the Amorites, as tall as cedar trees, and strong as oaks! But I lopped off their fruit and cut their roots. And I brought you out from Egypt and led you through the desert forty years, to possess the land of the Amorites. And I chose your sons to be Nazirites and prophets—can you deny this, Israel?” asks the Lord. Amos 2:9-11 TLB

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I wish you well.


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  1. I love your idea of a thankfulness journal, Sandy. I try to think of something from each day to be thankful for at the end of the day, but I’m very sporadic about writing these down.


    • Thanks, Kathy. Writing them down causes me to really be mindful about the big and small mercies God grants each day. And coming up with a new thank-you each day keeps me from settling for the same thing all the time.


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