Jesus in the Old Testament

man reading BibleThis past Sunday Advent began. As we anticipate this season, I’d like for us to look at something Preacher shared regarding how Jesus shows up in every book of the Old Testament.

The Law

In Genesis Jesus is the Creator of the world. (1:1)

In Exodus Jesus is the Passover Lamb. (Chapter 12)

In Leviticus Jesus is our Great High Priest. (Chapters 8-9)

In Numbers Jesus is the Bronze Serpent lifted up on a pole. (21:4-9)

In Deuteronomy Jesus is the Prophet who is greater than Moses. (18:18)


In Joshua Jesus is the Commander of the LORD’s Army. (5:13-15)

In Judges Jesus is the Angel of the Lord who appeared to Gideon. (6:11-27)

In Ruth Jesus is our Kinsman-Redeemer. (3:2, Chapter 4)

In 1 Samuel Jesus empowered David to slay the giant. (17:45-47)

In 2 Samuel Jesus is our Rock in an unstable world. (22:29-35)

In 1 Kings Jesus is the Still Small Voice speaking to Elijah. (19:11-18)

In 2 Kings Jesus is Elijah’s Mantle passed down to Elisha. (2:1-18)

In 1 Chronicles Jesus is the Giver of Every Good Thing. (29:14)

In 2 Chronicles Jesus is the Sender of Revival. (7:14)

In Ezra Jesus is the Faithful Priest and Scribe. (7:11)

In Nehemiah Jesus is the Re-builder of broken walls and lives. (6:15)

In Esther Jesus is the Protector and Vindicator of his people. (9:1)

Wisdom Literature

In Job Jesus is our Redeemer. (19:25)

In Psalms Jesus is our Shepherd. (23:1)

In Proverbs Jesus is our Wisdom. (2:6)

In Ecclesiastes Jesus Gives Meaning to our life. (12:13-14)

In the Song of Solomon Jesus is our Heavenly Bridegroom. (2:16)

Major Prophets

In Isaiah Jesus is the Promised Messiah, Suffering Servant, Risen King. (7:14, 9:6-7, Chapter 53)

In Jeremiah Jesus is the Potter. (18:1-6)

In Lamentations Jesus’ Mercies are new every morning. (3:22-23)

In Ezekiel Jesus Gives Life to the valley of dry bones. (37:1-14)

In Daniel Jesus is the Fourth Man in the fiery furnace. (Chapter 3)

Minor Prophets

In Hosea Jesus is the Faithful Husband pursuing his unfaithful wife. (Chapters 1-3)

In Joel Jesus Restores the years the locust ate. (2:25)

In Amos Jesus is our Burden Bearer. (Chapters 1-3, 7:14-15)

In Obadiah Jesus Gets the Last Word on evil. (verses 15, 17)

In Jonah Jesus is Salvation for all people. (1:1-3 chapter 3)

In Micah Jesus is born in Bethlehem and he Casts our Sins into the Depths of the sea. (5:2, 7:19)

In Nahum the clouds are the dust of Jesus’ feet. (1:3)

In Habakkuk Jesus tells us the just shall live by faith. (2:4)

In Zephaniah Jesus Rejoices Over Us with singing. (3:17)

In Haggai Jesus is the Desire of All Nations. (2:7)

In Zechariah Jesus is the Cleaning Fountain. (2:7)

In Malachi Jesus is the Risen Sun of Righteousness with healing in his wings. (4:2)

Your Turn

These are only a few of the ways Jesus shows up in the Old Testament. Where else have you seen him show up in the books of the Old Testament?

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In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. John 1:1 NIV

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