God Knows Our Need

icy road

Our Trip Begins

The end of January, Pilot, our dog Daisy, and I took our RV to Dinosaur Valley State Park in Glen Rose, Texas to celebrate Pilot’s birthday. Although we knew it would be cold, we didn’t know how cold, nor how dangerous the weather would turn. However, the God who knows our need, did.

Before leaving on our trip, I searched my bookshelves for a devotional book to take with me. The book I chose was The Words and Mind of Jesus, by the Rev. J.R. Macduff, D.D. (23 May 1818 – 30 April 1895), published in 1858.

Although the language is formal and archaic, I found the truths inside this book no less relevant as a winter storm of ice and sleet descended upon us as we camped. In this post, I include Rev. Macduff’s thoughts from his Second Evening devotion that I read during our trip.

Your heavenly Father knows that you have need of all these things. This may be taken as a motto for the child of God. It should lull all misgivings, silence all murmurings, lead to unquestioning submissiveness. The Words and Mind of Jesus–J.R. Macduff      

The Weather Starts to Change

At 6:00 P.M. on Saturday the outside temperature was 62 degrees. By noon Sunday it was 40 degrees. At 6:00 A.M. Monday the temperature was 30 degrees.

Although the campground was full of campers when we arrived Saturday, at this point, only two other RVs remained besides us and the campground hosts. Undeterred, we stuffed blankets and towels around any space we believed cold air could enter, and continued our hikes of the area tracking down dinosaur tracks. 

We are poor judges of what is best. If we are tempted in a moment of rash presumption to say, “all these things are against me”, let this word rebuke the hasty and unworthy premise. Unerring wisdom and Fatherly love have pronounced ALL to be needful. The Words and Mind of Jesus– J.R. Macduff      

Decision Made

Our original plans were to leave on Wednesday. However, when we woke to 28 degrees and sleet Tuesday morning, our plans changed.

Since Sunday we kept an eye on the weather, noting the winter storm warnings. We read the updates and weighed our options as areas around us became impacted.

When we knew it was either get out now, or be iced in until Friday morning at the earliest, we packed up and headed out. Since our route home was southeasterly, we reasoned things would only get better.

He crossed your worldly schemes and marred your cherished hopes. There was a lurking thorn in the coveted path. There was some higher spiritual blessing in reversion. He prevented you with the blessings of his goodness. The Words and Mind of Jesus–J.R. Macduff   

 Your Turn

The beginning of our drive home was icy and threatening, but the God who knows our need went ahead of us. He cleared a pocket along our route home that escaped the worst of the storm that hit all around us.

The drive home took 2-3 hours longer than usual, but the closer we got to home, the clearer the roads, and better the weather.

God knew what Pilot and I had need of, and God knows your need as well. Although it may appear on the surface as if our plans are a shambles, God knows our need. He knows we have need of THIS.

Is something disturbing your peace? Providences dark, crosses heavy? Write on each one, “Your Father knows you have need of it.” God knows we have need of THIS as well as ALL these things. The Words and Mind of Jesus– J.R.Macduff    

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So don’t worry at all about having enough food and clothing. Why be like the heathen? For they take pride in all these things and are deeply concerned about them. But your heavenly Father already knows perfectly well that you need them, and he will give them to you if you give him first place in your life and live as he wants you to. Matthew 6:31-33 (TLB)


I wish you well.


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